The best places in the U.S. for glamping

Do you ever have the urge to just jump in your car and see where the wind takes you? Us, too. When you don’t want to check into a fancy hotel or deal with housekeepers knocking on your door throughout the day, you might think about camping. After all, what could be better than sleeping under the stars with an open fire, panoramic views, and nature on your doorstep? Well, how about all of that but with an impressive glamping tent behind you. These are the best places in the U.S for glamping…

The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana

Glamping is all about taking your home comforts out into the big world around you, and that’s exactly what The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana allows you to do. The accommodation on this campsite perfectly mixes tents and cabins to create a five-star lodging area that will definitely impress. With the ability to go hiking, geocaching, bird watching, skiing, pistol shooting, or even to just chill out and use the hot tub, we can guarantee that you won’t get bored during this glamping experience.

The best places in the U.S. for glamping

AutoCamp, California

If you’ve never had the chance to explore northern California in all of its glory, a trip to AutoCamp will be the best opportunity to see what it’s all about. AutoCamp offers various different lodgings for you to choose from. You can opt for one of the all-American Airstream trailers that have been converted into something special, a small Happier Camper that will transport you into the realms of coziness, or a luxury glamping tent that will allow you to bring the outside in. Couple this up with its impressive surroundings and you’re onto a glamping winner.

Capitol Reef Resort, Utah

Ever fancied a trip to Utah? If you have, you should probably book your place at the Capitol Reef Resort. Although you can stay in the main lodge or in a tipi, we’d always recommend the traditional Conestoga wagons that look straight out of the Wild West. Located around a firepit, you can chill out with your loved ones as you look out at the mountains beyond. While you’re right in the middle of the desert, you’re not too far away from your home comforts as they are all air conditioned with private bathrooms close by.

The best places in the U.S. for glamping

Bellfire Tipi, New York

When you think of New York, you probably think of New York City. However, the State is actually full to the brim with destinations that will transform your glamping trip into something truly special. If you’re looking to get your stargazing fix, the Bellfire Tipi in Roxbury will be right up your street. Or universe. This tipi is kitted out with all of the furnishings you could possibly need and comes complete with a fire pit in the center for you to toast your smores and cast light over the gentle evenings. With absolutely no electricity, you can really shut off and be at one with nature.

Looking for the best place in the U.S to go glamping? Then look no further…