Things you didn’t know about HGTV handyman Scott McGillivray

If you’re still at high school and wondering what to do with your life – you might want to consider a career within the world of television. Nowadays, those who work in television aren’t just those who spend hours reciting their lines to appear as a sickly patient in a hospital scene or those who attach themselves to wires to appear as a CGI version of themselves in a fantasy show. The world of television has evolved, and so have the people who appear on our screens. From reality stars to TV hosts, television personalities come from all walks of life and have all kinds of talents under their belt. In fact, one specific category of TV personality has taken over the world of entertainment in the past decade or so: the home improvers. With dozens of renovation, decoration, restoration and DIY experts on our television screens, it’s easy to get confused between them all. Yet, there is one man who stands above the rest. Of course, we’re talking about Scott McGillivray! But how much do you really know about this TV star?

Known as a home renovator, businessman, television host, investor, educator, and author – it seems that there is nothing this Canadian can’t put his hands to. Over the past nine years, Scott McGillivray has worked for HGTV and worked alongside the likes of Chip and Joanna Gaines, Nicole Curtis, Tarek and Christina El Moussa, Ben and Erin Napier and Jonathan and Drew Scott to bring us all the best home improvement shows on the planet. Although these television hosts have all proved to be hugely popular with their North American audience, their success has yet to come close to the success of Scott McGillivray.

As one of the longest-running television shows on the HGTV network, Income Property has given Scott the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself. With 11 seasons and over a whopping 150 episodes to its name, Income Property has proved to be hugely popular over the past nine years – even winning itself the Best Lifestyle Program or Series Award at the Canadian Screen Awards in 2016. Yet, over the past nine years, Scott McGillivray has proved that he is much more than a television host. In fact, he’s now shown himself to be an epic handyman, realtor, and fixer-upper throughout various other television projects. Does anyone get much more talented than that?! Well, it seems as though this success didn’t come without hard work and perseverance, as you’ll find out through these 20 things you didn’t know about HGTV handyman Scott McGillivray…

A big family

Throughout his life, Scott McGillivray has surrounded himself with a large family. In fact, he grew up as the middle child! With a younger sister and an older brother to contend with, Scott knew what it was like to compete against his siblings – but there was never any sibling rivalry. For the most part, Scott and his siblings kept each other grounded at all times, and they all had a great relationship with each other. He has recently noted that he hopes his children will grow up the same way.

Prom king

Considering he’s now one of the most popular men in the world of home improvement and investment, it’s no surprise that Scott McGillivray was an extremely popular child. Although he managed to woo all of the cool crowd, some of his decisions have come back to haunt him – including his stint as prom king. Although prom kings usually done their best suit and tie to show off on the dance floor, Scott decided to try something a little different… so wore a kilt and all of the trimmings.

Scott and the boys

Amazingly, Scott McGillivray has a little skeleton in his closet that he rarely lets out – but we’ve got the lowdown for you. Before he became a leading home renovator and TV host, Scott McGillivray was busting shapes and singing harmonies in a ‘90s boy band. During this time, Scott was a singer and dancer within the Canadian group, Next Element. In recent years, he has posted an impeccable throwback photograph of his time in the group… and you don’t want to miss it.

A business in real estate

Unlike most people in the real estate industry, Scott McGillivray never set out to build a career within this line of work. He originally studied business at college – but a third-year struggle sparked his interest in real estate. While he was searching for somewhere to live, alongside a midterm topic, Scott began to think about the housing and rental market, and soon realized that there were flaws in the system that meant young people struggled to get onto the housing ladder. Before too long, Scott had researched enough information to form his midterm paper AND find somewhere to live.

Making some money

Before too long, Scott realized that he could make some real cash from his knowledge of properties and the rental market. Thanks to his own research, Scott was able to buy his first house at the age of just 21 years old – but he didn’t live in it. Instead, he rented out the property to his college friends and used the rent money to pay off his mortgage. This initial idea soon turned into a fully-fledged machine, and Scott spent the next two years buying four more properties to rent out. He then moved into the world of renovations…

Getting a facelift

After making his money at college, Scott decided to move onto the next stage in his career. So, he bagged himself a part-time job as a crew member on the popular Canadian home-improvement show, Debbie Travis’ Facelift. After a while, he was promoted to a project manager – before the producers learned more about Scott and his home investment background. Intrigued, they decided to create a new show based completely around Scott and his past and called it Income Property. The risk paid off, as the show is still popular today.

Strange events

Today, Income Property is still the longest-running show on the HGTV network – and just like a fine wine, it seems to be getting better and better with age. Although he loves his job, ripping apart houses and reconstructing them does come with some pretty interesting stories. Over the course of his Income Property career, Scott has found some rather unique items hidden within walls and crevices. During one renovation, Scott found a corked bottle of alcohol from 1903 hidden in the walls. The homeowner was so intrigued by the history that they still keep it on the mantelpiece today!

An active lifestyle

Although he is known primarily for his role within house pricing and renovations, Scott McGillivray has also made a name for himself as a popular figure within the world of entertainment. Amazingly, he was chosen by People Magazine as the most attractive man of the week in November 2014. The award was a huge honor for Scott, who believes his active lifestyle aids his hunky physique. In his free time, Scott fills his hours with activities such as running, swimming, playing hockey and more.

Green fingers

As if that wasn’t enough, Scott also uses any free moment to take advantage of the great outdoors. In fact, he is known for his green fingers! During an interview with HGTV, Scott confessed that he loves spending his leisure time in the garden, planting vegetables and potting plants. He noted that this love for gardening stemmed from his experiences as a child when he lived in Richmond Hill and split his time between the garden center and the hockey arena.

Busting a move

If you didn’t think Scott McGillivray was cool enough already, prepare to have your mind blown. In 2009, Scott finally tied the knot with his beautiful bride, Sabrina – who you may have seen on his shows! As they made their way to the dancefloor for their first dance, Scott and Sabrina shocked all of their guests by performing a fairytale-inspired dance that had been choreographed to perfection. From the Princess dress to Scott’s slick hips, it’s fair to say that the guests were impressed.

A chance encounter

We bet you’re wondering; “But how did Scott and Sabrina meet?!” The adorable couple met many years ago while they were both on vacation. Like always, Scott was keeping himself active and busy and playing volleyball when he spotted Sabrina. Taken by her good looks and charm, Scott asked her if she wanted to play the game with him – but she quickly turned down the offer. Later that evening, the pair knocked heads once more, and this time Scott managed to keep her for long enough to work his charms.

A family man

Although you may have seen Sabrina on a few of his shows, Sabrina does not involve herself in the home improvement or investment industry full time. She does own her own properties and invests her money wisely, but she gains much of her money from her full-time job as a teacher. The pair have been utterly in love since their first chance meeting, and have since welcomed two wonderful daughters, Myah and Layla, into the world. A home improvement specialist and a teacher for parents? Doesn’t get much better than that.

Good to Grow

Despite the fact that Sabrina McGillivray spends most of her time in front of children – it seems she also spends time in front of the camera with her husband. Indeed, the McGillivray family also have their own YouTube channel! Called Good To Grow, this channel follows Scott and his family as they prep, plant and harvest food from their organic vegetable garden. Although they haven’t posted anything since 2015, their 15 videos have since amassed more than 10,000 views, and their channel still has a whopping 10,000 subscribers.

Living in two places

There’s no doubt that Scott McGillivray and his family have increasingly busy schedules, but how do they manage? Well, it seems the solution for them is to divide their time between two different areas, and spend half of the year living in one house – while they spend the rest of the year in their second house. In fact, their two homes couldn’t be any different. While they enjoy the hustle and bustle of Toronto, Ontario for part of their lives, they then switch it up dramatically for the lakes and regional parks of Fort Myers, Florida.

Habitat for Humanity

In 2017, Scott McGillivray and his wife proved that they are so much more than television personalities. They also proved that they have a real passion for people, and helping those that are less fortunate. They showed this to the world when they undertook a project with the leading charity, Habitat for Humanity. The McGillivrays helped the Canadian branch of the charity to build a whopping 150 homes for those who are struggling to find shelter. The project was constructed to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

Not a one man show

On the backburner of his Income Property success, Scott has been able to expand his TV resume and take part in various other TV shows. In 2016, Scott, Sabrina, and their two daughters took part in Moving the McGillivrays – where they designed and renovated their dream home. That same year, Scott also hosted the popular show, Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray. As if that wasn’t enough, he has also been a cameo host for the likes of Canada’s Handyman Challenge and Flipping the Block.

A popular website

Unlike many other TV stars and hosts, Scott McGillivray also likes to allow his fans to access his knowledge and understanding of the property market even when they’re not watching his shows. To do this, he has created a hugely popular website that sees thousands of visitors each month. Scott constantly updates his websites with blog posts to help homeowners and decorators save money, seek inspiration, and find tips and tricks of the trade. He also offers real estate advice, design galleries, episode guides and more!

Scott McGillivray Collection

On this website, Scott McGillivray also promotes a new addition to his personal brand: The Scott McGillivray Collection. He noted that “After almost 20 years in the renovation and design industry… I’m branching out into home furnishings.” For this, Scott has enlisted the help of Thomasville Cabinetry to start his very own furniture collection. The first product – a bathroom vanity cabinet – was released in February 2018, and is the first in the many products that will be available to buy in the Canadian Home Depots.

In print

Alongside his television career, his impending furniture collection and his knowledge of the home investment world – Scott McGillivray has also made a name for himself as an author. In fact, he has already had three books published to help others make the right decisions when it comes to buying and selling homes, creating income from real estate, and the basics of real estate. The books have proved to be hugely popular, with many fans making life-changing decisions because of Scott and his information.

Net Worth

Considering he is now one of the biggest names in the world of television real estate, it’s no surprise that Scott McGillivray has worked up a pretty impressive net worth over the course of his career. Thanks to his stint on the television, his own personal brand, his collaborations, his books and more, he’s worked up an impressive $4 million net worth. We expect to see even more of this investment legend over the next few years, so we can only imagine this figure will increase as the years go by…