Why do you wake up tired after a good night’s sleep?

A yawn, a stretch, and a bleary-eyed blink into the world. Sadly, it’s Monday morning and time to get up and ready for the working week! Even after changing your sheets and turning in early, you’re STILL tired – how?! Maybe there is something else playing a greater part in your life?

Too much phone time

It’s all too tempting to pick up your cell and make one last check on social media or play one more round of your favorite game. As well as making time disappear, your devices may be having more of an effect on your sleep than you once thought. Screens, such as tablets or phones, emit blue light. This type of light can easily trick our brains into thinking we should still be awake and not heading off to bed. By banning phone time before bedtime, you could notice instant results.

Why do you wake up tired after a good night’s sleep?

Big meals too late

What you eat before you head off can have great effects on the quality of your sleep. However, did you know the amount of food you consume could also impact your slumber? Studies have shown that overeating before heading off means your body will produce a heap more energy to digest all that food. Instead of a huge portion, dietitians recommend opting for a lighter option instead, such as soup or an omelet. Changing up your meal times or portion sizes could be the key to a better night’s rest.

Uncomfy PJs

Have you found yourself waking up with pink marks on your skin from your clothes, or feeling far too hot? These are both two signs that your pajamas aren’t the right decision for you. If your PJs of choice are made of rayon or polyester, then it could be time to try a change. The best fabrics to opt for are bamboo, linen, or cotton as they are breathable and wick away moisture. Plus, it’s best to choose clothes that are loose-fitting and comfortable to make sure your body has plenty of room to move around.

REM cycle

No, you don’t need to burst into a chorus of Everybody Hurts, we’re talking about your rapid eye movement sleep. If you’re getting your full eight hours and still not feeling the effects of a good night’s sleep, then it could be to do with the cycle your body is in when you wake up. The National Sleep Foundation has reported that although everyone’s is different, they usually last around 90 minutes. That means you should be planning your sleep in 90-minute intervals to make sure you’ve completed the REM cycle. Hopefully, there should be no more grogginess.

Why do you wake up tired after a good night’s sleep?

Turn down the heat

The idea of walking into a nice warm bedroom and climbing into a toasty warm bed on a cold winter’s night might sound like bliss, but the temperature could be one of the main reasons you aren’t getting the sleep you need. The National Sleep Foundation has reported the ideal sleeping temperature actually to be 18 Celsius (or 65 Fahrenheit). The solution could be that your room has been just a few degrees too warm for your body to get comfortable. Who knew?

Whoever knew that so many minor details could make such a difference to our night’s sleep? By opting for a few changes, we could soon find ourselves getting the rest that we have been looking for. Now it’s time to jump into bed and enjoy all the extra energy that could soon be coming your way.