Navy widow honors her late husband with the most beautiful reveal

Choosing a life in the military comes with its ups and downs. On the one hand, you get to represent your country with pride and learn to live by a set of rules that can help in almost any situations in life. On the other hand, there is the constant threat of being sent to fight in a conflict, where you’re at risk of serious injury, and even losing your life. One Navy man paid the ultimate price for his country, and his widow honored her husband with a beautiful gender reveal of their baby.

Tragedy strikes

Hospital Corpsman Ryan Lohrey married the love of his life, Cassie, but just one month later tragedy would strike. Ryan would never make it home after traveling to Arizona for military training. Sadly his plane crashed, and he didn’t survive the devastating accident. This was heartbreaking news for his new bride, but there was a silver lining to dampen the blow for Cassie.

Navy widow honors her late husband with the most beautiful reveal

Falling pregnant

Just three weeks after Ryan had passed, Cassie noticed something was different about her body. That was when she discovered she was pregnant and carrying her and Ryan’s first child together. This was something Ryan would have loved if he was still here, and it was a parting gift to Cassie after his tragic passing. Cassie wanted to acknowledge her husband in some way with this pregnancy, and she thought of the perfect idea.

Planning the reveal

Cassie wanted to honor her late husband by doing the gender reveal of their baby on Veteran’s Day, but she was going to need some help. Ryan’s wife contacted one of his military friends to ask for help, and there was no hesitation from him. He arranged for several of Ryan’s close friends to help Cassie reveal the gender of her baby, and celebrate her fallen husband at the same time. The Navy sailor told Cassie he would take care of the celebration, adding: “Anything you want, we’ll do.”

Navy widow honors her late husband with the most beautiful reveal

The gender is…

It was now time for the gender of Cassie’s baby to be revealed. She and Ryan’s Navy friends gathered on Veteran’s Day to pay their respects to fallen heroes and to let the world know the gender of Cassie’s baby. Cassie was stood in front of a line of Navy personnel who were about to reveal the gender of her and Ryan’s baby.

One of Ryan’s close friends was in charge of the speech that firstly congratulated Cassie on getting pregnant before the big moment. There was a pause for tension as the military men were just about to let Cassie know the gender of her baby. Then, as the man speaking was about to say it, the other soldiers let off pink glitter streamers to reveal that Cassie was having a girl.

The video went viral and was viewed over 100,000 times. Cassie had honored her late husband by revealing the gender of the little girl in the most beautiful way. Now Veteran’s Day was going to be extra important for Cassie and Ryan’s daughter.