The best soup recipes to enjoy on a cold day

Cold weather can be great as we get to watch the seasons change. However, sometimes we need to find a way to warm up from the inside out. When nothing else cuts it, we might just need a bowl of the best soup recipes to enjoy on a cold day to start feeling human once again.

Black bean tortilla soup

Chilli is a great meal for warming us up from the inside, and now it seems as though we can turn this favorite into a bowl of hearty soup, too. The black beans teamed with a tomato broth soon turn into a thick, creamy mixture that is sure to fill you up. Plus, teaming the meal with shredded tortillas – and maybe a handful of cheese or two – can make it seem as though you’re enjoying your favorite Mexican dinner all in one bowl.

The best soup recipes to enjoy on a cold day

French onion soup

Sure, this soup might seem like an easy choice, but there is more to making a bowl of this stuff than meets the eye. After caramelizing the onions, it’s time to delicately craft the sauce of the soup. Thankfully, all that hard work is sure to be worth it as a bowl of French onion soup is perfect for a cold day. If you have time, then finishing off your meal with some gruyère croutons or a slice of grilled cheese can really bring the meal together.

Potato and ham soup

Ham? Potatoes? Cheese? Check, check, check. We never knew that heaven in a bowl existed, but we think we have found it – and it’s a brilliant soup for anyone needing to warm up when the weather turns cold. The flavors are delicious, and this recipe can be the perfect way to use up any cooked ham that been sat in the refrigerator. To top it off, the cheese and potatoes help to make a thick soup that is sure to fill you up.

Chicken noodle soup

There is a reason this soup has been around for so many years – it’s such a fan favorite! Chicken noodle soup is not only a hearty bowl of deliciousness in one, but it also comes with a ton of health benefits. The colder weather can also bring along a variety of illnesses. Thankfully, chicken noodle soup is shown to help improve cold symptoms thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, decongestion powers, and energy boost.

Curried pumpkin soup

The best soup recipes to enjoy on a cold day

This might sound like a strange one, but hear us out. This recipe is perfect for anyone looking to use up all those leftovers. All you need to do is whip up a pumpkin soup before adding in a little yellow curry powder. Warming? Yup. However, the best is yet to come. Shredding up any leftover roast chicken and throwing in a handful or two of cooked rice can help add plenty of body to this delicious warming soup.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean we have to suffer. In fact, these soup recipes to enjoy on a cold day might just have you wishing that winter would never end.