Great housewarming gifts for first-time owners

Moving into your first real home is expensive and stressful, and so a friend visiting with a thoughtful gift and a pair of hands to help unpack boxes is very gratefully received! So what are the best housewarming gifts you can buy that a first-time homeowner will really appreciate?

A great cookbook

Sure, you can just look up recipes online, but there is something about a real, hardback cookbook that says “I’ve got my life together.” This is especially thoughtful if it is a chef that you know they like or a cookbook that you yourself have found helpful.

Great housewarming gifts for first-time owners

A grocery subscription box

While they will be spending evenings unpacking boxes of their worldly belongings, they might not have the time (or know where the equipment is!) to cook! Why not get them a box that they will be excited to empty, with a grocery or meal subscription box to make it easy for them to eat something a little more nutritious than take out while they find their feet – and their forks!


Who doesn’t love getting into brand new bedding? A new house should justify new bedding but there isn’t always the budget for that so why not treat them to a new set. Alternatively, you could always get them a gift card and let them pick out their own, but that isn’t anywhere near as fun!

Picture frames

Another luxury that often ends up at the bottom of priority lists. You could get some nice pictures printed for them, or just simply gift them empty frames and let them fill them with whatever memories they like. If you know their tastes really well or know what theme they are going for in certain rooms, you can choose something that will go with the look, or if you want to be a little safer, choose something simple and classic like a white or black frame.

Fresh flowers

Not every gift has to break the bank! Get a nice bouquet sent to their home so that it can feel fresh and homely and add a little bit of cheer to their currently empty house!

Great housewarming gifts for first-time owners

A first aid kit

Sure, this is a very practical and sensible gift, but they will be so grateful for it when they are scrambling for a plaster after a flat-pack incident! Perhaps pair it with something fun like a bottle of wine or some flowers to show that you’re not just sensible!

A mixology set

If these are friends you enjoy drinks with; you could put together a mixology set (a shaker, glasses, muddler, strainer, etc.) for your next night in! Perhaps pair it with some miniature bottles of alcohol and laminated printouts of some of your favorite cocktails that they can practice making for you!

A game

Again, if these are friends who are likely to host in their new home, grab them a fun household game such as Cards Against Humanity or Dobble and make games night a regular occurrence. Just because they are grown up and sensible, doesn’t mean your gifts to a new homeowner have to be something dull and boring! Get them something they will really cherish that they will keep for years to come.