The morning routine of Victoria Beckham

Even at age 44, Victoria Beckham still manages to maintain a youthful appearance. And no, she doesn’t sit around all day avoiding stress and making herself beautiful. She’s a busy mother of four with a full-time occupation as a fashion designer. She keeps her great looks even in the bustle of a busy work life.

Maintaining her looks requires undivided devotion, and she never lets up. The best part is that she is disciplined in her beauty and health regimes, and this ensures that she gets optimal results. As a fashion icon, her appearance matters a lot and she doesn’t let it down. Let’s take a short peek into her morning routine, and perhaps you can borrow a tip of two.

1. Two hours of workout

We are talking about her morning routine here, so when we say two hours of workout, it means two hours of workout in the morning – every day, throughout the week. Seems like a hard goal to set. She does this by waking up early, with no space for sleeping in. At, she’s in the gym for her first hour of exercise. This is until her kids wake up and she goes to prepare their breakfast. She gets them ready for school, drops them off, then gets back to it for her full second hour of workout. After all that, she leaves for work.

2. Pre-breakfast routine.

The first thing Victoria takes into her empty stomach before breakfast are two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Her brand of choice contains proteins, friendly bacteria, and health-boosting enzymes. This routine might be part of the reason she has managed to maintain her slim physique. Acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar has been proven to increase fat burning and reduce fat storage.

3. A green breakfast.

Exercise goes hand in hand with a healthy diet, and that’s exactly what Victoria Beckham does. Her daily breakfast includes a green smoothie whose ingredients are kiwi, lemon, chopped apple, broccoli, and chia seeds that have been blended together. She normally drinks this with a bowl of sprouted grain cereal topped with unsweetened organic almond milk.

4. A five-minute full face makeup routine.

How long do you take in front of your mirror before you’re satisfied with how your makeup looks? Victoria can take as little as five minutes to get her face fully made up and ready to face the day. She doesn’t skip anything, either. She cleans, tones and moisturizes her skin first. Then she applies a few basic touches and comes up with a glowing face in a few minutes.

Within the three hours between waking up at and leaving for work at 9 am, she gets a two workout, prepares her family to leave the house, has a power breakfast, takes her kids to school, and takes care of her face. This takes a lot of discipline, and that’s probably why she looks great with no sign of aging in sight.

What would you borrow from her morning routine? Can you handle two hours of workout every day, week in week out? Or will you just get motivation from her discipline? If there’s one thing to learn here, it’s that if you want to stay healthy and fit, you have to work for it.