Natural ways to clean your face

When it comes to cleaning our faces, many of us stick to the normal routine of using simple soap and water, or buying commercial cleansers you can get from the store – mostly because it is so easy to do so! However, what most of us don’t realize is that a lot of these cleansers actually contain chemicals which can strip off the natural layer of your skin, leaving it more prone to damage because there is no natural barrier. In other words, you need to wash away these cleansers and use more natural ways to clean your face.

Raw honey

Honey is literally good for anything – and we just want to take a moment to thank the bees for this wonderful product! Not only is honey totally yummy, but it also works as an efficient facial cleanser. However, you will need raw and organic honey. If you buy anything with added sweeteners or artificial ingredients, it won’t have the same effect. If you wipe the honey on your face and leave it on for up to half an hour and wash it off, you will find your face will feel smooth and moisturized. Make sure you don’t get it in your hair, though, as that’s one seriously sticky mess to clean up.

Natural ways to clean your face

Mashed fruit and vegetables

There’s a reason so many commercial cleansers and face masks use vegetables in them – and it’s not just to make them smell nice! Because of their natural nutrients and minerals, mashed vegetables are the perfect way to clean your face and leave it feeling refreshed and free. Different fruits and vegetables will work in different ways, but there are a few main ingredients. For example, if you want to soften and smooth the skin, use cucumber. If you want to exfoliate your face, use lemon juice. If you want to relieve dry skin, use avocados or olives. The best way to use fruits and vegetables is to mash them together to extract the juice and wipe the juice on your face with a cotton pad. It may sound pretty messy and gross, but it works!

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Natural ways to clean your face

Organic full-fat yogurt

Okay, so we have to be honest with you – yogurt really doesn’t smell nice when you put it on your skin, but it is quite possibly one of the best natural face washes in the world! You can choose to use organic full-fat yogurt, or you can use buttermilk, curd or kefir as they will all reap the same benefits. Because of the lactic acid in these products, this face wash removes dead skin cells and will leave your skin feeling refreshed and baby soft. If you can, always find organic products, and massage them into your skin. Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it all off.

So if you’re looking for a new all-natural face cleanser, try out some of these! You’ll never go back to using boring old soap and water again.