How to keep your skin smooth throughout the scorching summer

Let’s be honest; summer is the best. You have time off school, college, or work. You get the chance to whip out your summer wardrobe and show off your tan legs. You can go to the beach whenever you want – and it’s perfectly acceptable to eat frozen yogurt for every single meal. However, summer isn’t all sunshine and daisies, because this season can often leave our skin feeling rough and dry. The heat dries it out, the sun damages it, and the sweat meshes with your makeup to create an effect we don’t even want to talk about. So how do you keep your skin smooth throughout the scorching summer?

Always be sure to moisturize

Okay, okay. We know that moisturizing is an absolute nightmare and something that most of us just can’t be bothered to do in the morning – but moisturizing will save your skin in the summer. Because of the heat, your skin loses a lot of water during this season, which can cause it to crack, dry out, and generally make you look older. So, it’s important that you add moisturizing into your daily regime to make sure that your skin is hydrated at all times. Trust us; it’ll be so worth it.

How to keep your skin smooth throughout the scorching summer

Don’t forget your sunscreen

Applying sunscreen every single day can be a nightmare. You’re just walking to the store that’s 15 minutes down the street, surely you don’t need to wear sunscreen, right? Unfortunately, you do. Every time you step into the sun you need to ensure that your skin is protected. This is because the sun’s rays can be harmful and damaging to your skin – even for just a little while. The UV rays can prematurely age your skin and cause it to dry out, which is just no fun for anyone.

Make sure you exfoliate

When you think about your skin, it’s actually pretty darn weird. Your skin is constantly passing away and re-growing itself – and it’s enough to make your skin literally crawl. However, your skin sometimes needs a little help to get rid of the old skin to give way to the new, smooth stuff. So, it’s important that you exfoliate your skin with a sponge or massager to rid your skin of this dead skin. This will make way from glowing skin underneath that will be smooth and beautiful to look at.

Add green tea to your diet

Keeping your skin smooth and healthy during the summer isn’t all about what you put on your skin, it’s also about what you put in your body! There are numerous fruits, vegetables that you can eat to add a little glow to your life, but adding green tea to your diet is perhaps one of the best ways to ensure that your skin stays healthy. That’s because green tea is full of antioxidants that will not only keep away any inflammation in your skin, but this tea will also help you naturally rid your skin of dead cells.

How to keep your skin smooth throughout the scorching summer

Try to exercise

We don’t really know how people learn to like exercising, but we’re definitely not there yet. Exercising is still a chore to us, but it is essential if you want to add glowing skin to your repertoire. When you exercise, you help your body get rid of nasty toxins that can not only affect your health but also the health of your skin. As if that wasn’t enough, exercise also stimulates your blood flow, sending more to your face and your skin, leaving it fresh and smooth!

If you’re struggling to keep your skin in check during these hot summer months, make sure you follow these tips!