The glossy eye trend that’s been sweeping the world

Looking at the runways and on Instagram right now, it’s clear that gloss is no longer just for lips, and glossy eyes are going to be taking over the matte smokey looks that have been popular up until now. They featured heavily in Pat McGrath’s looks at Valentino this season, and the makeup bloggers (AKA our Instagram gurus) seem to have taken this look on board.

What is it?

Glossy eyes are precisely as they sound – instead of a matte or shimmer look, these have a more slick, wet-look finish on the lid. The look really suits bright, playful colors, although it is possible to get a clear gloss if you are looking for something a little more toned-down. That said, this certainly isn’t going to be an everyday office look for everyone.

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The glossy eye trend that’s been sweeping the world

How do you wear it?

Well, first of all, you need to invest in an eye gloss – you could just stick your old lip glosses on your lids and hope for the best, but ones that have been designed for your eyes are likely to be a lot less sticky on your lids! The eye glosses tend to come with sponge applicators which make application really easy – just swipe and go! If you are feeling a little apprehensive and are not looking for such a bold look, apply with your fingers for some understated gloss. Don’t forget to use waterproof mascara and only put this on your lashes once the gloss has dried a little, otherwise, you will end up with a black, smudgy mess and you’ll have to start the whole look again.

Different looks

There are many different ways that you can style the glossy eyes to create a look that is perfect for you. Try contrasting the color on your lids with a bright cat eye flick in a different shade, or color entirely for a fun, bold look. You can sweep on a bold color (such as an electric blue, or purple) up to the brow bone and out into a loose wing. Don’t be neat with this look, the rougher, the better. On the other end of the spectrum, apply a nude gloss to your socket line only and finish off with bold black lashes. This is an excellent look for beginners who are a little worried about going all out bold straight away. Mix up the trends by creating a sunset ombre look (these have been all over Instagram and look stunning!) with your usual matte or shimmer pallet and add a clear liquid shine over the top. If you’re feeling a bit more retro, create a twist on the graphic 60s look with a black eyeliner flick over the socket and fill in with a slick of clear gloss. For something quick and easy that hints at the trend without going all out, just apply the gloss over primed and concealed lids.

Will it be big? Well, like most trends, it’s not for everyone. In fact, it might look a little odd outside of Instagram or off the runway; however it’s certainly not a difficult one to do so perhaps it will be quite popular, due to how accessible it is. It’s a fun look that doesn’t require as much technique as heavily made-up eyes, so it could go either way.

The glossy eye trend that’s been sweeping the world