Redecorate your bedroom on a budget

At the end of a long day, everybody wants a space of their own – a space that reflects them, that they can retreat to and recharge in. A bedroom is more than a just a room to sleep in, it’s a place where you rest, regenerate and build your life each morning at a time. Because of its importance, every detail must be considered with great care and thought.

And if Pinterest is among your hobbies, you know that the options for creating this perfect little haven are endless and often expensive. However, there are still plenty of tips and tricks to help you out if you’re looking to give your room a makeover on a shoestring budget.

Make a game plan

First things first: have a plan. Visualize what feeling you want the room to generate, and that will guide what you will want to change in your room. Not enough color for you? A new bedspread and pillows might be in order. Does the room need some brightening up? A string of fairy lights might do the trick, or go neon. If the walls are too white or simply too bleak, posters and photographs can be of great help. If you can get prints of paintings (or actual paintings by you or a friend) up, it’s sure to make the room brighter. Is the room in need of some warmth and coziness? A plant or two is always a great way to make a space homier.

Redecorate your bedroom on a budget

DIY adventures

There are also plenty of DIY projects that can help you completely revamp your space over a weekend. You could build yourself a headboard to add an extra splash of character and color to your bedding. Repaint the old furniture and switch out the current knobs or handles. Have a bookshelf? Lay it down horizontal, (refurbish it too, if you’d like) and use the side of the shelf as a table top that you can use as a study desk, or just a place to put your pretty little knick-knacks on. The DIY trend is definitely at its peak these days, and the skies are the limit.

Sort it out

Often, the source of chaos in a room is simply the mess. There are loads of cheap storage options you can find online today. Pretty baskets made of plastic, wicker, or jute are quite the rage at the moment. You can stack them atop each other or side-by-side under your bed or desk. A laundry bag is a must-have to help you contain the mess, and it can also make the room that much cuter. Sometimes, a little game of switcheroo with your furniture is all you need.

Redecorate your bedroom on a budget

Whatever your budget or purpose, there are plenty of options out there that can help you make your living space much more “you.” So, get out there and give your space that makeover already. Imagine that your bedroom is an empty canvas, just waiting to be designed personally for your taste. Good luck!